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Votre consultant

Fondateur Umanéa et Consultant

Après un rapide passage dans le domaine de la vente, j’ai exercé pendant 10 ans dans le recrutement de profils commerciaux, informatiques et financier. En 2010, ma découverte des métiers de la gestion de carrière (bilan de compétences et coaching) m’ont passionné et ont donné un nouveau sens au mot « travail ».

Diplômes et Certifications

  • Master en RH à l’IGS
  • Master en Coaching à ICI Coaching
  • Certifié Golden et EQI
  • Cycle 1 ACP (Approche Centrée sur la personne) à l’IFRDP

L'avis des clients

11:23 23 Jun 22
Ce bilan de compétence m'a grandement aidé à redéfinir la suite de ma vie professionnel. Un grand merci à M.BERGERE pour son professionnalisme et son suivi tout au long de ce bilan.
14:33 10 Jun 22
The assessment helped me to no longer be afraid of the unknown (lack of information) and to start over, to make room for change (which I had wanted for a long time).To be taken into account before doing a skills assessment, you have to be motivated for it to work! We are the ones who take stock and not the coach, the coach guides us, but we are the ones who carry out the research work, etc.This is an opportunity to have a guide to clarify our ideas and what we would like to do. It's a way to see the situation from other angles and to find solutions where we are stuck. (my personal opinion)In any case, I am very happy with the results, if everything goes as planned, I will be able to carry out my plan A as well as my plan B. Very grateful to Bergère for all his advice and guidance, especially for his patience and his adaptation to my situation. and complicated schedules! THANK YOU
alexis grellieralexis grellier
07:41 12 May 22
I was advised Umanea and particularly Vincent for his quality of listening, his professionalism and above all his human experience, and I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised by his ability to restore, and put me in tune with the truths which were already in me. I was warned, I am not disappointed. 5 star luxury service.
Marlène GODEYMarlène GODEY
13:45 28 Mar 22
Doing a skills assessment is above all doing work on yourself and it is not always easy. The benevolent accompaniment of Mr. Bergère allowed me to see things more clearly and helped me to take the necessary steps to move forward with my project. I thank him and highly recommend Umanéa.
20:12 23 Jan 22
My skills assessment at UMANÉA with Mr BERGERE, allowed me to identify my aspirations (values, needs) and to analyze my skills. apart from the comfort of the place, I appreciated his benevolence, his listening, the exchanges and objectives measured in relation to my expectations. This support plan allowed me to project myself and implement an action plan allowing me to reorient my professional future. Today, I am in training in view of a professional retraining towards a job that suits me.